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umm, 2 week wait I guess?

August 16, 2009

So N and I had a talk today.  We’ve been baby dancing every other day for almost 2 weeks now, charting and peeing on sticks since CD 6 like the science sticks (aka OPKs) told us too and we were just getting stressed out.  There was no sign of me ovulating this month and we were feeling the stress.  We want to have a summer baby so we can take full advantage of N having the summers off.

Since we didn’t think we were ovulating this month, we decided to stop ttc and have me work out and get my body in better shape over the next month and then consulting with Dr. Ferlan at my yearly appointment on September 10th.

Well, wouldn’t you know, after regular “dancing” tonight, I decided to pee on a science stick just for the hell of it and we got our first positive ovulation result!  Woohoo for ovulating but now what?  We just decided not to TTC this month but I guess my body had other plans.  So I guess we are in our 2nd 2 week wait, or better yet in my case, our 10 day wait.

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