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I feel so fat!

October 9, 2009

Ugg!  I feel really gross this week!

How far along: 10 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: Nothing yet, I’m sure it’s coming soon!

Maternity clothes: 😦 I’m going shopping this weekend, I popped a button off my jeans.  I really need some new shirts, bras and maybe underwear too!  Feeling really fat this week.

Stretch marks: Nothing new, been using the belly butter.

Sleep: Getting a little bit harder, have been really restless

Best moment this week: See the heartbeat at the drs office and hearing that everything looks great with Baby K!

Movement: Still way too early

Food cravings: Yucky, I didn’t even want to look at food this week.

Gender: Everyone is thinking girl, we’ll see

Belly button in or out?: In

What I miss: my cute pants that I can’t fit into right now

What I am looking forward to: Getting to hear the heartbeat in a few weeks.

Weekly Wisdom: ugh, I’ve got nothing this week, it’s been pretty rough, feeling pretty sick at night and not getting a lot of sleep.  Stressed a little too much about the doctor’s appointment.

Milestones: Seeing Baby K with our first ultrasound was pretty awesome.  I had no idea that the baby was upside down until it was pointed out to me, I couldn’t tell what I was looking at.  I just focused on that little flutter in the chest and was so excited!

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