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Half way there, Merry Christmas and OMG, this pain!

December 27, 2009

So first things first, Limey looks great on the ultrasound but the little bugger was laying on it’s stomach with it’s legs crossed so seeing the private bits was just about impossible.  While I was being scanned, I asked the sonographer if there was any evidence of a cyst near the spinal cord (my nephew had one and it cleared itself up by week 26 or so), she said no but mentioned it to Dr. Ferlan.

Dr. Ferlan decided it would probably be in our best interest to have a level 2 ultrasound done as they needed to get a couple of additional views anyway and to be on the safe side with the family history (or non history she said since it cleared up.)  So, we get a second chance on January 5th to find out if it’s a boy or girl.  I’m excited!

I’m 21 weeks and 2 days today, it seems to strange that I have less time remaining than I have already been pregnant.  I just keep saying to N, “there is a baby in there.”  He kind of looks at me funny, but I think he feels the same way.

It was Christmas on Friday and today is my nephew’s birthday, I am happy to be around family and friends but the holidays always cause me stress.  I guess this year, it really got the better of me.  I am in so much pain.  It started last week with what felt like a sinus or ear infection.  I called the dr’s office and got permission to take sufafed and also saw the on campus nurse at work.  I did have some fluid in my ears, but no sign of an infection.  So why all this pain?  I would be ok through the day but the second I tried to lay down, my head would throb and the pain was terrible, and moving!  Everyday I would wake up (from the tiny amount of sleep I could muster) and the pain would be lower down my face.

After about 3 days, we realized it was my TMJ like issues having a nasty flair up.  I haven’t have one since I was diving and changing jobs, so back in 2007!  The pain has settled into the left side of my jaw and gets worse with chewing or talking, so I’m trying to be quiet and eat soft foods (haha, tell that to my cravings!) and just relax.  N will be making a dr’s appt for me tomorrow, hopefully they will be able to do sometime to get rid of this pain!

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