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Guess what?!? It’s a GIRL!!!

January 16, 2010

So last week on Tuesday we went for our level II ultrasound at St. Francis.  I was a little nervous but excited.  We got in and waited and waited and waited what seemed like forever but it was only about 25 minutes.  When they took us back, there was the sonographer as well as a 1st year resident who would be observing the ultrasound.  The sonographer got right to work, she started the scan knowing that we were also trying to find out the sex of the baby, it was actually one of the first things she checked, no go, the baby kept it’s legs closed.

After about 30 minutes the sonographer left and brought back the doctor, he had heard the baby was being a little stubborn for some of the shots they needed (and THE SEX!) this baby was making everyone work.  The doctor finally got all the shots he needed and the sonographer took one last look for the baby’s gender and that’s when SHE finally spread her legs just enough that the doctor gave us a 99% chance that it’s a girl!  N and I are so happy, as is the family.  I mean, we would be super excited either way to have a healthy baby but girls seem to be rare in N’s family!

The only down side is we didn’t get many good profile shots so we have only a few poor quality pictures of her so far.

On to dress shopping!

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