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Things I miss…

January 31, 2010

~Going to the bathroom like a normal person.  I can’t stand peeing every hour and pooping taking 30 minutes to get 6 little rabbit pellets out!  Painful and annoying.

~Not being scared.  I’m now scared about everything, the what ifs are driving me nutso lately.  What if Isabella doesn’t like me?  What if we chose the wrong name?  What if something bad happens during labor?  This list can go on forever, I try to keep it in check but sometimes it just gets to me.  N is being great about keeping me calm.

~People minding their own business.  Apparently since I am now pregnant, everything I do is fair game and open for discussion to the general public.  I’ve heard your eating too much, gaining too much weight, not gaining enough weight, should you be eating that, you’re boobs are huge, you look gigantic, you look like you just had a big meal.  MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

~PAIN, on a daily basis, all over my body, everywhere and no matter what position I’m laying/sleeping/sitting/standing in.

These are just the main things that are going through my mind right now, there are a ton more that I think about but I would gladly endure all of these to the nth degree in order to have a healthy Bella-Bean!  I already love her so much and get teary eyed just thinking about her and our little growing family.

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