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WOW! I’m huge.

March 3, 2010

Please excuse the cheesy grin and the strange shadow that makes me look even larger!

I know that I am not GIGANTIC and I know that I will be getting bigger before the Bella-Bean comes out but I am having a hard time with how large I appear now.  It’s no longer the cute baby bump, it’s not a baby mountain.  Oh well, there’s not too much I can do about it and as long as she comes out healthy, I will be all set.

On a side note, I’ve become a pill popper!  I may have mentioned before that I am slightly anemic so I have to take an iron supplement (crap, that reminds me, have to go take it!) and I was also having issues with my teeth breaking and my dentist (Dr. Mc Creepy Shaky Hands) thought it could be the baby taking my calcium.  Add that to the prenatals I take, the antihistamine I need every night and the stool softener I take to counter act the iron supplements and I take 5 pills before bed EVERY NIGHT!  This is from someone who hated taking any pills for the longest time, let alone 5 of them everyday!  Crazyness I tell you.

On another side note (pregnancy brain? nah, I don’t know what you’re talking about,) N just discovered heaven in a wrapper.  It’s a Cinnabon snack bar, it’s made by Kellogg’s and it’s the most amazing thing EVA!  The package says if you want to try it warm, just heat it for 3 seconds in the microwave.  I put mine in for 6 seconds because I’m a rebel like that and it was beyond delicious!  Take a look for yourself and don’t be mad when you are at BJ’s and have to buy the big pack because they are just that good!

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