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Hello heartburn

March 12, 2010

Why hello heartburn!  I can’t really say that I’ve missed you but you seem to have missed me to come back after all these weeks.

The past two days, I feel like my throat is on fire and I just have that yucky feeling in my chest/belly area.  I loathe heartburn, like on a scale of things I hate, heartburn is way above stubbing your toe and right under getting stung by a bee (and for those that know me, know I REALLY freak out when I get stung.)

So, I’m 32 weeks pregnant today and I’ve moved into the realm of uncomfortable.  I feel like I can’t sit still, I am having a really hard time concentrating at work, my body hurts and I can cry at that drop of a hat.  In good new though, at our dr visit this week (which I’m now going to every other week) they said that Bella-Bean may actually be born in April because she is measuring ahead of schedule.  Woohoo for our little girl, at our last ultrasound, they told us she was 6 days behind.  She is already taking after her father in being an overachiever 🙂

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