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Seriously, I can’t make this shit up

May 4, 2010

So this post is totally not baby related.

N and I live in an apartment above my grandfather’s house.  It’s pretty nice to be able to see family move often and help my grandfather out from time to time.  Except for the normal gripes about apartment living, we really like it here.  One of the downsides though is that the building is kinda old and we have a slight mouse problem.  My grandfather put out some traps and our cat CeCe has caught a couple of mice, we weren’t too concerned about the mice and basically didn’t think much of them until tonight.

CeCe is a very good cat for the most part so tonight when she kept jumping up onto the counter towards the stove, it was very out of character for her and N yelled at her the first time and actually splashed water on her the second time.  If you know N in real life, you know that he very rarely would go that far to discipline  CeCe but he was very worried that she would burn herself on the stove that we had just turned off.  Not 30 seconds later, she started sniffing around the base of the stove/oven and pacing back and forth, that’s her usual sign that a mouse is coming.  Well, a mouse was coming all right!

N and I both notice her change in behavior and N ran over to the stove, by this time, we can hear the mouse squeaking so N pulls the under stove drawer out expecting the mouse to run out.  No mouse but it’s still squeaking so he pulls the whole oven out!  No mouse to be found and the squeaking is still happening.  CRAP!  The mouse IS IN THE OVEN!  Like the oven that we just used to cook dinner.  We ban CeCe to the bathroom so she won’t get in the way and N starts to take apart the stove/oven to see if we can get the squeaker out of the thing.

Bad news, once he took the back panel off, we knew we were in for some trouble.  First there was an abundant amount of mouse droppings (and I was very careful not to touch anything) and then N noticed a burned section of insulation.  N kept on taking the oven/stove apart and that’s when we found the grossness!  A mouse family!  Some were clearly dead and had been that way for a while, some were recently dead and we thought the other babies were dead but those turned out to still be ALIVE.  Umm, hello, I am 39 weeks and 4 days preggo and I’ve been using that stove/oven to cook all my yummies in lately.  TOTALLY GROSS!

This was about the time that I got banished to the bedroom with CeCe because the risk of me breathing in the mouse shit was too much.  Luckily, my grandfather had come up earlier and saw the damage and agreed that we needed a new oven and my father came over to help N out.

N and my dad cleaned up all the mess and removed the oven from the apartment and we will be getting another one by the end of the week!  I am just still so grossed out by the fact that I was cooking with an appliance with dead rodents in it!  Umm, seriously?!?  WTF!!

N has already given CeCe extra treats and attention tonight and will be picking up a new lounging perch for her on his way home tomorrow.  It’s not like she will know what it’s for, but it will make us feel better to treat her since she most likely prevented a very bad situation.  Just another good reason to have a kitty cat in the house!

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