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Happy Due Date, Happy Mother’s Day and Happy!

May 11, 2010

So my due date was on Friday, it came and went without any signs of Bella making an appearance, which N and I were prepared for, something like only 5% of babies are born on their due date.  It was a little strange since I have been having contractions since week 32 and we were convinced that Bella was coming early, our bags have been packed FOREVER!

Mother’s Day was Sunday and on Saturday I started having some pretty serious contractions, N and I got so very excited that Bella may be born on Mother’s Day, well, like normal for me, the contractions stopped after a couple of hours.

So fast forward to today, I had a non stress test to check on how Bella was doing and she is looking great.  Good heart rate and excellent movement, and during the impromptu ultrasound on Friday, the fluid looked great too but it seems that my cervix is just not dilating like it should so we have an induction date set for Thursday at 7:30.  I am so happy to have an end date in sight but I am so nervous at the same time.

I am also a little upset that my body can’t seem to do this last part on it’s own.  I would be more hesitant for the induction if I hadn’t been charting and using OPK (remember, the science sticks?) but since I know all that info, I’m ok with the induction.  I’ve been doing reading on 40+ week old placentas and how sometimes they don’t provide the same amount of oxygen and nutrients as they did during the previous 40 weeks.

The logical part of me is totally ok with the induction but the emotional side of me really wanted the labor experience without the help of medication.  I wanted the whole leaping out of bed thing because my water broke and the excited drive to the hospital but I’m sure this experience will be just as exciting and rewarding.

All in all, I’m happy that Bella Bean will be here by Saturday morning!

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