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B’s tummy issues continue

June 26, 2010

First things first, B is sleeping on my chest right now.  It’s her favorite place to sleep because she loves to sleep slightly on an incline and on her belly.  Since we will not put her in her crib on her belly, this is her only belly sleeping option, which actually means that she sleeps on me most nights for at least part of the night.  I hate to say that I love it.  I don’t sleep very well when she’s on me and my back is killing me but there is nothing like a sleeping child on your chest.  I love to kiss her forehead and smell her hair while she’s sleeping.

Now with that being said, I am so tired!  I love her snuggly little self to pieces but I am T.I.R.E.D!

Ok, onto her belly issues.  She wasn’t pooping.  We made the switch to soy, she had a few poopy dipes and then nothing.  She would scream while feeding and after feedings with the formula bottles, you could tell that she was straining to try and go but nothing was coming out.  After 3 days, she had a major blowout (with a sacrificed organic onesie included) and we thought her poopy problems were over but they were just beginning.  After that blowout, she then went 3 more days without pooping and we got super worried.

We took her in for her fist “sick baby” visit on June 22nd!  We saw Dr. Patel and she wasn’t super concerned as her belly wasn’t hard but did a rectal exam to make sure there were no obstructions.  I was so not prepared for B’s screaming.  I thought I had heard all her cried so far, so I thought I would be ok.  This wasn’t even a cry, it was a scream out in pain.  OMG!  Tears! From both of us, that was super hard, good thing N was there.  So Dr. Patel took her off the soy formula and put her back on the LipilEase (for fussy and gassy babies) and we needed to give her a suppository and some pedialyte to try and clear out her system.  Sounded like a great plan, we head off to 4 stores to try and find the damn suppositories!  I could tell that this was going to be a long night.

We got home and she still hadn’t gone so we decided it was time to give her the suppository.  OMG, seriously, more screaming and crying (from all involved.)  Who knew that parenting could be so emotionally draining.  I mean, N and I both knew that we were trying to help B out but still, listening to that scream was terrible.

Ok, so she finally pooped a tiny little bit but it seemed to clear her out just enough that when we added in the Karo syrup the next day, it really helped to get her back on track.  Our plan is to keep her on the LipilEase formula to supplement and I’m staying on the non diary diet until her next appointment on July 19th.  I am really hoping that her tummy can handle this formula because our next step is pretty serious.

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