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You mean not all babies scream like mine?!?

July 21, 2010

I mentioned that I had a baby photo shoot last weekend.  Without going into specifics, lets just say that Bella makes more noise in her sleep than this child did during her “fussy” time.  I came home and was so upset that I had been beating myself up for the past 9 weeks!  (see Day 4 for more details)

Here I was thinking that I was not able to console my own child and that if all these other women could have children and not seem to fall apart as much as I had, why couldn’t I handle it?  I was seriously thinking that I must not be as cut out for motherhood as I thought I was.  I knew that Bella had some issues with her tummy and that made her cranky at times but I didn’t want to place any blame on her, I mean, she’s my lovely little baby lady.  I was jealous of other moms who were out taking their babies Bella’s age to music class and on hikes and (GASP) to a restaurant.  N and I still take turns eating and we are still planning out entire days around this baby lady and rush through stores with her when it’s only completely necessary.  We don’t go anywhere for fear of a Bella meltdown that we have come to know all too well.

So imagine my surprise when I asked this new mom how her baby was as night, her response (now mind you, this baby was 10 days old) “she gets up at night around 3 to eat and then again at 6!” which she said with a very tired look on her face and a sigh.  Hell, I would have thought I won the lotto if Bella slept anywhere but on me and for 3 hours straight up until about a week ago, she is slowly getting better with that (typed at 10:48 pm with a sleeping child on me.)

Now, I am not trying to diminish what this new mother is going through because that is her reality and I can guarantee that she is tired and overwhelmed, but I just need to cut me some slack.  Not every couple is dealing with a child like Bella, who even in my most tired and cranky state is still the most perfect baby lady a mother could hope for.

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  1. Gramma S permalink
    July 22, 2010 9:32 am

    This is exactly why children should not give birth! You and N are a team and because of Bella’s tummy issues, she is quite difficult at times. Can you imagine a teen mom trying to deal with a Bella baby? God only gives what we can handle. God must think the world of you and N as parents because, yes, He has given you the most wonderful, beautiful baby girl in the world who happens to be quite difficult at times. I have watched you and N throughout this stage, and I truly am amazed and so very proud to see the two of you interact with your baby as only a mommy and daddy could! Keep up the great work..the rewards are endless…as you already know!

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