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Baby gear list~the hits

August 8, 2010

Just in case I have some soon to be or new mommies or daddies amongst my readers, I figured I would put together a little list of baby products that we loved, the misses with come a little later.

1) ITZBEEN care timer- This little timer was something that I had heard about from a new mommy about a year ago and just kept that info in the baby files in my brain.  When we were registering, I figured with it’s price point of around $20, it would be a great item to add figuring that if we used it for just a couple of weeks, it would be worth the money.  Let me just put it this way, Bella is now 12 weeks old and the first thing people say when taking over her caring for a little bit is “where is her timer?”  We use this thing around the clock to keep track of her eating, diaper changes, medicine and I use the extra button to keep track of how long it’s been (get the name now?!?) since I’ve pumped.  N and I both love this item and I will probably buy it for every baby shower I go to, I really wish I had invented it!

2) Gumdrop Pacifier-Bella was given one of these at the hospital by a pediatrician after she heard that she was “eating” for 45 minutes a side about every 2 hours.  I was so tired and would try anything to get just a little sleep.  We now know that she wasn’t latching correctly and that’s why she would eat like that.  Once we got home and realized that we were going to be bottle feeding her, we decided that there would be no nipple confusion and decided to give her the bink if she wanted it.  This is the only brand that she would take, and at less than $2 each, it’s not a bad idea to stock up.  I think we have 7 and a cuddle square, just about one per room now so we are never too far.

3) Nikon D90-While most people wouldn’t put this amazing camera under the category of baby gear and N and I certainly didn’t buy it to be used for baby gear, it’s been by far the best thing for my healing.  In the super early days that Bella was home, I would do a mini baby photo shoot about every 4 or 5 days because she was changing so much.  I would look at baby photo blogs online and plan out our next shoot and that really got my mind off of all the crap that I had just gone through.  It also helped because N could see all the pictures when he got home.  Now mind you, I had major amounts of help doing these shoots, but I will cherish those pictures forever.

This is an amazing camera with built in HD video recording capabilities.  Just about all of the pictures of Bella on this blog are from the D90.


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