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Are you kidding me?

August 28, 2010

I don’t know if I mentioned that N’s parents were away this past week, they went on a cruise.  N was home with Bella all by himself all week, it was a little challenging but we all made it through the week ok.  It was great to be able to have the house to ourselves but I did miss the extra hands around to help out.

So in true Beth and N style, we wait until this morning to clean up the house a little.  We were running around and N realized that one of the cats puked all over the only carpet downstairs (our!) so he starts cleaning that up.  He finished and we both go upstairs to start on Bella’s room.  I open our bedroom door to find that CeCe (our cat) had thrown up all over our room!  N hands Bella over to me and as he starts to clean that mess up, I get to changing Bella’s diaper.  I take it off (just a pee dipe) and she just starts laughing and smiling so I’m playing with her when she farts.  I start getting the new diaper ready when she projectile poops all over her changing pad!  OMG, so now N is still cleaning the cat puke, I’m trying to deal with Bella poop and I start gagging!  Ugh, it was so smelly!  So now N is trying to help me clean up Bella, her changing pad, the piddle pad and her onesie and I’m still gagging.

For serious?  It was like a scene out of a movie.

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