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So I thought…

August 28, 2010

So you remember this post?

I thought I was done pumping and I was so emotionally ready to stop.  I was sad thinking about Bella not getting breast milk any more but I was so ready to give up on pumping.  Guess what happened?  I finally got my body down to 3 pumps a day from 4 and I’m so much happier.  It took about 2 weeks for my body to finally realize that I needed to drop a pump and probably another week for my milk production to be affected.  I was once pumping over 25 oz a day and now I’m down to around 15 oz, it still covers her breakfast and her dinner bottle and we don’t have to tap into her freezer stash.

I keep telling myself to be ready for change but every time something like this happens, I am shocked all over again.  How many times does it take before a lesson actually sinks in?  My plan is to keep going at 3 pumps a day for a while longer and let my body naturally taper off the milk production to try and avoid clogged ducts.

I’m starting to wonder if other mothers are this anal about decisions.  I know that before Bella, I was very indecisive but I would eventually come to a decision eventually.  Now that I have to take Bella into consideration, I am almost paralyzed whenever a decision comes up.  I know I need to relax a little and just enjoy life as it comes but I’m not sure if I know how.

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  1. Leah permalink
    October 14, 2010 10:41 pm

    No not all mothers are that anal!! 😉 But some are! I am the total opposite…not anal about decisions at all. I just consult my inner monkey for all baby rearing decisions. I do get twinges of guilt over things though. We started giving Aaniin one bottle of breastmilk a day (in preparation for me going back to work). I see her sucking on that silicone nipple and I feel guilty. I just have to remind myself that its a great way for her to bond with Matthew and I can’t not go back to work. We live in the modern crazy world so its not gonna be perfect! The most important thing is that we LOVE our kids.

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