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4 months young!

September 15, 2010

Baby Lady turns 4 months old today!  Here are some little tidbits:

*She smiles really big when she sees me or N. (It’s really one of my favorite things she does)

*She rolls both ways (has been rolling for a while but she’s really good at it now)

*She’s mostly sleeping through the night, there are some nights here and there that are still a little rough.

*She can prop herself up on her forearms and knees for a very short period of time.

*She loves sleeping on her belly with her knees underneath her

*She looks like she want to eat whatever we’re eating for dinner and she would drink (breast milk and formula still) from a cup if we let her.

*She drools buckets right now, meaning many more outfit changes for all involved.

*She loves to “ski” (those that know me irl, know what I mean) I will try to get a video of it, super cute.

*She loves to try and give kisses to me, which just mean, she licks my lips, kinda gross, but oh well.

*She is the light of my life and I say every night how lucky I am that she came into my life.  I love her to pieces.

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