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January 1, 2011

*Distracted!  I feel like I’m trying to do a million things and I’m doing them all half assed.  When I went back to work, I made a promise to myself to not think about anything but her when we had our quiet time at night before she went to sleep.  We still have to keep her upright for 30 minutes after a bottle so most nights she falls asleep during this time and it leaves about 10 minutes of just me and her.  I love this time but I’ve been finding little thoughts creeping into my head.  I’m thinking about everything I did that day or what has yet to be done before I can crash into my bed.  I hate feeling distracted when I’m with Bella.


*Busy!  See the above bullet.  I know that I’ve mentioned my photo business that I’m starting up in previous posts but I’ve been very vague about it.  I was offering free sessions so I could practice with our people’s children and just get some new experience.  I had am amazing response and I plan to open my business to full fledged customers coming up shortly.  When I started on this endeavor though, I had no idea how time consuming it would be to start a small business.  I figured I would get a website thrown together, get some business cards, a new flash and we would be all set, wow oh wow, I was so wrong.


*already thinking about baby #2.  I know, seriously crazy.  There is just something about Bella that makes me want to have 5 more children.  I should start looking into a reservation for the crazy house now.


*going to be an auntie again in September!  Woohoo!  I am so excited but shh, it’s a secret.


*a fantastic mom.  I think women in general don’t give themselves enough credit when they are doing a good job.  My daughter is thriving, she’s smart. she’s so happy and just the light of my life.  I’m doing a good job.  I say I’m doing a good job because this is my blog, but my husband is also doing a fantastic job.  It’s really the hardest joint project I’ve even attempted.

N and I have very similar parenting styles, which we discussed in extreme detail in the 10+ years before we had Bella but there are still those moments at 3am where she’s screaming and he wants to wait a few more minutes and I KNOW that there is something trying to eat her so I have to go save her.  There is no harm in waiting a few more minutes to see if she will settle herself but if I am being completely open and honest, I like going in to rock her in the middle of the night sometimes.  I so rarely get cuddle time anymore and I like the 20 minutes of sleeping baby on me.  I miss her!


*sharing one of our pictures!  You know that I couldn’t go until Monday’s update post without sharing a picture of my little beauty.

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