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8 months of Beanie in the Books

January 16, 2011

Isabella turned 8 months old yesterday and boy am I tired…

She loves to read books with me and/or N.

Bella and Mommy reading Goodnight Moon

She’s started feeding herself puffs and drinking from her Dr. Brown’s Training Sippy.

She has started eating some Earth’s Best Seconds meats, but still prefers fruits and a few veggies. Pears are still #1!!

We found her sitting up in her crib at wake-up time one morning. Not to say she wasn’t able to do it before, but we’ve been giving her more time to herself in the morning.

She pooped in her sleep for the first time a few days ago. Huge milestone because we used to have to put her in the Poopersaucer… She’s also pooped while sitting in her playpen a couple times since then.

Though she still holds onto our fingers for balance, Izzy has taken up sprinting as her new sport. She also loves to play tag and peekaboo.

She loves her new bike! She rides round and round the kitchen and living room…

Since discovering her new front teeth, Bella has also discovered that she can grind them…boooo….

We recently switched her to Huggies Overnites and she’s made it all the way through the night without a change or tidal wave twice in the past week.

Unfortunately, Bella has also been feeling under the weather for the past couple of days. She had an awful night on Friday and has been very weepy and clingy for the past couple of days. She doesn’t have a temp, but between all the teething and N and I both getting over colds recently, she may have come down with something. We’re very hopeful she gets over this quickly. It’s the first time she’s gotten sick and we haven’t seen her like this in months…

She is still the cutest Bean Bean around!  I mean, come on, how could you not love this face?!?

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