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Grama’s Soup

June 3, 2011

My grandmother (we called her grama) was an amazing lady.  She swore and smoked like a chimney.  Those were some of my first memories of her.  She would be sitting at her gigantic table in her tiny kitchen with half the family around her just puffy away on her cig and she said bad words!  We all know though that bad words to a little kid are much different than bad words as an adult.  I’m sure she probably said damn or shit, I hardly doubt that she was dropping the F-Bomb, but I totally wouldn’t put it passed her.

I had the pleasure of “working” for my grandparents before my grama passed away.  She taught me a lot in that time and one of the things I will never forget is how she made her soup, which everyone loved BTW.  She would fill a soup pot up with stock, go to the fridge and just dump all of the week’s leftovers in.  If there were leftover carrots from Monday and leftover ham from Wednesday-in the pot they went.  Add some garlic and onions and everything tasted amazing coming from her kitchen.  I miss her.

I know it’s a little far fetched of a tie in, but this post is a little like grama’s soup.  I haven’t been doing a great job of blogging of late.  Baby lady and life are keeping me pretty busy, but I hope to have some pretty exciting entries coming up.  For now, here are some carrots, ham and stock to keep you up to date.


Oh my, we had a lot of fun with Easter this year.  We colored eggs and went a little nuts with her “training” for her 1st Easter Egg Hunt.  She loved it though.

I love her in yellow.

She had a blast with my side of the family and was so well behaved.


**Fun stuff**

N and I have been trying to get out and do more things with Izzy.  She LOVES being outside and we bring her to the park about 4 times a week to swing and slide.  Have I mentioned that she loves it?!?  It really makes me question the whole nature vs. nurture thinking, N and I both love being outside, so I wonder if she was born liking the outdoors or if she likes the outdoors because we are more inclined to do fun things outdoors.

Her first hike!

She got this wagon for her birthday and LOVES it!

**Beach Days**

We are very fortunate to have access to an amazing little cottage on the beach, when it’s low tide, the beach comes right out of the water.  It’s the best thing for little ones because the water is so shallow but this soft sand just goes for probably a mile or more.  It’s really an amazing place and Izzy had such a wonderful time there last weekend.

Digging with Dada.

Oh yeah, she's walking!

See what I mean about the soft sand?

Silly cousins! They really love each other.

It’s so funny.  I was changing Izzy and Mason jumped up on the bed and started giving her nose kisses.  Totally unpromtped by anyone and Izzy was just squealing in delight.  She would also react when she heard his voice when she was in my belly and he is one of her favorite people even though we don’t see him (and my sister and brother in law) as often as I would like to.

**Her birthday**

So stinkin' cute.

We used a picture similar to this one for her birthday invite.  It was an under the sea theme.  I will post a full update on her party itself later.

12 months!

You may notice some new friends in the picture.  N and I have gone a little crazy at Pottery Barn Kids (or PBK for short!)  Yeah, you know you have a problem when you both have an abbreviation for a store because the name is just to long to use in normal conversation.  Oh well, I mean, doesn’t every little girl need a life size pink madras stuffed octopus? Haha.

At her 12 month appointment:

*She weighed in at 19lbs 10.5 oz and was in the 15% for weight and 40% for height (29 in) so she is a little peanut.

*She has allergies (DUH!) and has eye drops and oral meds that she has to take every night.

*She’s now off her Zantac and special formula.  Her Dr. did say because of her smaller size that we can keep her on the toddler formula for now so we haven’t transitioned to cow’s milk.

*She’s mostly eating non pureed foods and her favorite foods are baked spaghetti and crunchies.

*She is walking all over the place now, we have to be really careful because she’s also started to climb on things.

*Izzy has taken to squealing loudly when she gets excited or happy, which is most of the time.  I’m claiming my partial deafness is due to her and not because I listen to my car stereo too loud!

One last picture for the night because I just love her cute little face in this one so much.

My loves.

We are off to a big city tomorrow, it will be Bella’s longest car ride yet.

**Disclaimer-B has a million nicknames so that’s why you just saw me call her 3 or 4 different names in one post**

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