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salt dough

May 4, 2012

Since being laid off, I have become totally addicted to Pinterest.  If you don’t know what it is by now, I’m pretty sure you live under a rock.  Anyway, all over Pinterest (or better know as a how to make Beth feel crappy about her mommy skills site) are these amazing links to DIY projects to do with your toddlers.  I saw this cute one… ( and I figured it couldn’t been too hard, I mean look, they are all having fun with the dough and the foot prints came out perfect.

So I tried, Iz freaked out when the dough touched her hands. I made Christmas ornaments instead. I tried another recipe, again she flipped her lid when I touched the dough to her foot. Today though, I had a plan. I was going to BRIBE her.

She helped me get the dough ready (she didn’t put her hands in, she shares the same issue with having her hands dirty as I do) and I put her in her high chair with a popsicle and Mickey Mouse on the TV. I rolled out the dough, put it on a cookie sheet and before she even knew it, I got the best footprint EVER! Now I knew the handprint was going to be a little harder, cue the toddler whine of “No touch dough, mama!” and that’s when it happened. I bribed my daughter. Not once, but twice. With cookies AND candy. She gladly gave me the best handprint I’ve gotten. IT WORKED. I was doing a happy dance and got the dough into the over to bake.

I opened the over an hour and a half later to find a big blob of dough mess. It had risen in the oven and ruined my perfect prints.

Lesson learned? Bribing with just cookies doesn’t work, you have to throw the candy in there too!

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