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Why I hate squirrels…

May 24, 2012

This is a copy and paste so I don’t have to write it all out again.


I wake up at 2 and can’t figure out why, so I decided to go downstairs

to get something to drink.  I’m standing in the kitchen and I hear CeCe

make a noise, a strange noise but it was so late that I wasn’t going to

investigate.  I’m trying to decide if I want something to eat and I hear

another noise, this time it was more like a squeak.  It reminded me of

the mice noise we used to hear so I go into the living room and turn on

the light to find CeCe standing at the fire place with a FLYING SQUIRREL

staring down at her.  I wiped my eyes thinking I’m crazy and seeing

things and the darn thing moved and CeCe growled at it.  


OMG, I go running up the stairs to get Nick.  I called his name like 5 times and

he doesn’t wake up.  Finally I loudly said “NICHOLAS, GET UP, THERE IS A

FLYING SQUIRREL DOWNSTAIRS.”  He got up and was like WTF have you been smoking.  He follows me downstairs and is convinced that I’m crazy.  He

finally sees it but thinks it’s a bat, so he goes into “bat precautions”

(his words, not mine)


Now mind you, he just got out of bed so he’s only

wearing underwear.  He throws on a trench coat from the closet, grabs

some boots, puts on oven mitts and grabs a large plastic bowl.  I then

ask him if he’s going to flash the squirrel (he looked like a flasher!)

but I guess at 2am, he wasn’t a fan of my humor.  He rushes the squirrel

which he still thinks is a bat, because umm, really, have you ever seen

a flying squirrel?!? So he rushed the “bat” and it runs back under the

mantel where is was chilling.  The cat freaks out, I run out of the room

and he goes to get a bigger bowl.  


He coaxes the squirrel out, which he has now admitted that it IS in fact

a squirrel so he’s dropped the “bat precautions” and put on regular

clothes.  So he gets the thing out and it starts it run around the

house.  I was holding a blanket, which I was going to throw over it,

when the squirrel decided it wanted to climb the tree behind me.  So it

leaps off the mantel, through the air, I scream, the cat is chasing it,

Nick is chasing the cat and I peed my pants!


Long story short, he captured the squirrel, put it into a bowl and now

it’s loose somewhere in the garage.  CeCe is ok, I had her checked at

the vet, 2+ hour car ride and $105 later, she’s fine.  



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