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Things I don’t want to forget

September 1, 2012

I had this long beautiful blog post written out in my head about how happy I am in the moment with Iz even when it’s a bad night and I have to wake up early and snuggle her, and then a double ear infection, nasty case of swimmer’s ear and subsequent weight loss for Iz struck.  My mind is now mush, but there are a few things that I don’t want to forget.

*Iz is deathly afraid of the smoke alarms.  We found out the hard way.  I’m thinking she will need therapy for it (no, I’m not even kidding)

*Iz still calls popsicles, papa-sicles, it’s super cute.

*She is fluctuating in her weight between the 5th and 15th%, she is a skinny minnie and we are going to the Dr. about once a month for weight checks to make sure she doesn’t continue to lose weight.  We are OK with her just being small, that seems to be what her body wants to do, but we don’t like to see her losing weight.

*She is VERY soft-spoken until you really get to know her, and then she talks ALL the time.

*Iz loves to compare what people have similar to her family members “Lady has boobies like Mama has boobies” is what she told me today. Love it!

*She’s sleeping about 12 hours a night, goes down around 9:30pm and wakes up around 9:30am.  She is taking about a 2 hour nap still around 2pm.  She has really turned into a great sleeper.

*She loves to play outside, the more outside time the better.  She loves to run, slide, ride bikes but her favorite has to be playing in the water.  Anything to do with water and she’s there.


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