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Thank you lady at the doctor’s office!

April 9, 2013

I’m not going to try and give some lame excuse why I haven’t been blogging, life is busy!  N and I are back in school full time, I’m still trying to build my business and umm, hello, Iz is almost three and ALWAYS on the move.  So I guess that was kind of a lame excuse, oh well…

Small backstory here, we noticed that Iz was stuttering a little and it wasn’t really bad so we chalked it up to just a normal developmental thing that she was going through.  That was the case until recently when she was stuttering so often that she could barely get through a single sentence without a stutter and it really seemed to bother her.  We brought it up to her pediatrician and got a referral to specialists.

N, Iz and I were waiting in the doctor’s waiting room today when a mother around my age walked in with two little boys.  One was a little older than Iz and one was younger.  The mother and I exchanged a quick smile and went about paying attention to our children.  Her boys approached the toys where Iz was playing and attempted to play with her.

The younger boy started making a growling noise and his older brother repeated it.

That was all it took to upset Iz.  You see, she is SUPER sensitive to noise now.  They are thinking it has to do with her chronic ear infections when she was younger.  Her hearing is great, but she just gets easily overwhelmed with loud sounds.  We still talk about the smoke detector incident that happened almost a year ago!

When Iz ran to N with her hands over her ears and hid in his lap, the boy’s mother asked if the boys upset her.  I explained that she is really sensitive to loud noises.  She kinda smiled and nodded her head.  Her boys continued to play and Iz eventually joined them at the train table.  What happened next is what I am so surprised at.

The older boy was building a tower, as most kids do, he was getting ready to have it crash to the table.  The other mother saw it start to wobble and came over to talk to her son.  She got down on his level and told him to make sure not to let the block tower fall over.  She explained to him that Iz has sensitive ears and that the loud noise of the crashing blocks would really upset her.

She explained to her son that my daughter has sensitive ears!  This person that I have never met, looked out for my daughter.  This is a huge deal to me.  I have friends that have seen Iz react to loud noises and make a snarky face or comment about her reaction as it is a little out of the ordinary and this woman that I have never met, explained to her boys about my daughter’s ears.

I thanked her but I feel like I should have asked her to be my new BFF.

Iz and Dada reading in the dark

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